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At The Golden Media Group, we pride ourselves on providing honest and friendly advice by helping you reach your full marketing potential through our advertising agency in Leicester. We will help you grow your business whilst saving you time and money. We understand that every business is different. Here at The Golden Media Group, our dedicated team is here to ensure we go that extra mile by listening, researching, advising and delivering. When you need marketing that is focused on your return on investment and involvement; you need a friendly service, with clear communication. 

Our Marketing Services

Advertising Agency in Leicester

Social Media Management

Industry leading SMM services provided by our experienced, degree educated marketing experts

SEO & Pay-Per-Click

Our online growth team are experienced in driving results that turn browsers into customers.

Advertising Agency in Leicester

Web Development & Design

Your business’s website is your digital shop window, our team ensure it sells!

Advertising Agency in Leicester

Outdoor Advertising

Breath-taking mega platforms, located across the country, allowing your brand to stand-high above the rest.

Advertising Agency in Leicester

Leaflet Distribution

Strategic online marketing with pressure free, expert advice, bespoke to your business.

Advertising Agency in Leicester

Print Management

A highly competitive print and door to door leaflet distribution service allowing you to get right under
the nose of your customers.

Our Process



We prefer to do this via a face-to-face briefing session, where it is possible to do so, but conference calls suffice for national and international clients. The aim is to get a clearer idea of where the client has come from, where they are now, and where they want to go. We find out everything we need to know about their business, in terms of its customers, competitors, and products and services. Ideally, we will have access to business plans, sales forecasts and any other relevant documentation and support materials. We identify the stakeholders involved in the decision-making process and get a clearer idea on budgets and timescales. Finally, we identify any other relevant details that are specific to the client’s needs and requirements.


We take a close look at the marketplace and the companies that operate within it – this might include purchasing industry-specific research reports too. We look at competitor websites to get a better understanding of their digital marketing strategies, and we pose as customers to better understand competitor pre-purchase sales pipeline processes. We interview our client’s stakeholders – such as owners, directors, board members, managers, staff, partners, associates and suppliers. We look closely at customers too. This may involve direct contact in terms of one-to-one conversations, focus groups and online questionnaires, to get a clearer idea of audience demographics and psychographics to assist with customer segmentation and target market profiling. We seek to understand the rational and emotional drivers behind purchasing behaviour patterns too.




Although we explain this process as being a series of steps we follow in linear fashion, the reality is that the process is far more dynamic than we imply. We might generate insights during an initial client briefing, or whilst talking to stakeholders, or when researching competitors or analysing customers. We continue to develop insights whilst setting up and delivering solutions too on an ongoing basis. As a more formal part of the insight process, we hold facilitated workshops and internal brainstorms to create an environment where insights are more likely to reveal themselves. We need to be patient and trust in the process of insight generation – in time, insight will always reveal themselves, if the right actions have been taken and the right processes put in place to ensure that they do.


But if you cannot take that knowledge and turn it into an effective solution, then it is of practically no use at all. This ability to create high quality solutions is born out of years of experience and knowledge working within the world of marketing. It is about knowing what works well – and what doesn’t – for a range of client-specific factors. We all know the possible options available, so the first task is to decide which ones are most likely to deliver the goods. But it does not stop there. There are a whole host of additional considerations to weigh up. Subtle nuances that can make the difference between success and failure. This ability to identify the best strategies for an individual client is almost intuitive and yet, at its heart, it is defined by rational and logical reasoning.




We believe that non-optimal project management can make all the difference between success and failure, and that the quality of delivery is likely to have a significant impact on the efficacy of a solution. That is why the same Abacus person is responsible for overseeing every step in the process – by overseeing, we mean a genuine hands-on approach to project management. It is only by getting your hands dirty that effective execution can be achieved. It is during the delivery process that issues might arise with regards to finetuning the solution. The ability to see these issues and the desire to overcome them is inherent to our DNA, and that is why we never entrust delivery to a junior member of the team. Project management is only ever delivered by an experienced account director with the skills and knowhow required to deliver project management effectively.


We know from previous experience that we must continue to search for ways to improve the solutions we are delivering for clients on an ongoing basis. We see our six-step planning process as existing within a continuum, rather than being a one-off event. That is why this last step in the process is so important to the efficacy of our work. We follow an ongoing process of improvement through measurement, analysis, assessment and recommendation, to ensure that performance always remain optimised. Only by doing so are we able to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients. We recognise that we do not operate in a vacuum and that external market forces are always at work. We work in close collaboration with clients as we believe that partnership delivers the best possible solutions.


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