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Billboard Advertising In Leicester

Why billboard advertising in Leicester

Billboard advertising in Leicester is part of the large format outdoor arena. A media that’s transforming the landscape we live in and visibly changing the look of our towns and cities. Billboards are a great way to reach the masses – to reach where they live, commute, work and socialise. Unlike other mass advertising media such as TV or radio, billboards can’t be switched off. Or with magazine print advertising, it can’t be put down. Or with Internet advertising, it doesn’t disappear as quickly as it arrives. If you’re looking for billboards in Birmingham, take a look here. 

Attention Grabbing

You only have a few seconds for someone to glance up at a billboard, so their size is a huge advantage. Large, bright, eye-catching graphics with one key message is the best route – it will leave people with a lasting impression in their mind.

They're Free

Ads on billboards are free to passers by – they don’t have to buy a newspaper or a cinema ticket in order to view your message. They’re easily accessible and are often strategically placed to increase purchase intent.

Huge Audience

With more commuters on the roads than ever before, billboard advertising allows you to reach more people faster and cheaper than any other mass marketing media.


With billboards you have a guaranteed audience. As your message gets repeated views it becomes more engrained in their memory, they will remember it more and will come to find you.

24/7 Exposure

Billboard advertising is the only media where the advertiser has full control of the ad space. The ad has constant exposure – no other media allows your message to be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Range Of Platforms

Outdoor advertising on the whole is constantly evolving – media advertisers are working closely with brands to incorporate digital, social media and interactive strategies to increase consumer engagement.

Billboard Advertising in Leicester

Billboards are EVERYWHERE.

Billboard advertising is one of, if not the most recognisable mediums synonymous with OOHM. These large posters came into common usage all the way back in the early 19th century, and have remained one of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising ever since.

While the materials used to construct and print these adverts have changed and evolved, the basic concept of a large printed advertisement – positioned prominently in the public eye – is a cornerstone of the OOHM marketplace.

Billboards offer marketers and advertisers a wide degree of flexibility in their campaign, and are available in all kinds of sizes, and in all kinds of places. Billboards are often situated along roadsides (on bridges or independent stands) and in proximity to areas of high footfall, such as shopping centres, stadiums, and city centres.

If you would like to find out more about our outdoor advertising services, get in touch with us here.

The UK spends £1.05 Billion On

Billboard Advertising Every Year & It's this simple!

Select A Location

Our outdoor media team will gather details about the objectives of your campaign and recommend locations and platforms accordingly.


Once confirmed, our team will plan content and campaign ideas to help capture your audiences attention.

Artwork Design

Once booked, the project will be passed onto our design team who will turn our proposed ideas into reality through billboard design.

Billboard Launch

Once printed, our pasters will project your artwork onto the platform ready to stun the thousands of commuters every single day.

Need some Inspiration?

Take a look at the best 7 billboard ever!