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Bus Advertising In Leicester

Why should you choose bus advertising in Leicester?

Bus advertising can reach a huge audience nationwide, it not only includes bus users but also pedestrians and motorists. Buses commute in popular and busy routes, making this out of home option an excellent way to quickly spread awareness as they can be found anywhere from huge cities to small towns.

You can drill down into more specific audiences by utilising the different ad placements on a bus. For example, a car insurance company may benefit from placing their ads at the back of the bus as the motorists are most likely to see this. 


Our campaigns are designed to suit every budget and generate repeated exposure throughout the day, reaching millions with broad coverage and targeted capabilities. Our team are on hand to construct your campaign with options available to suit any budget in a choice of locations, sizes and formats.


Create a high impact moving message with an advertisement that goes where the people are. So whether your campaign is designed to boost sales or generate website hits we can offer a tailor-made campaign that is guaranteed to produce real results.

High Response Level

Direct your brand messages towards specific audiences in key business, shopping and suburban areas. From the busy office workers in the City Centre to high street shoppers, our campaigns place you centre stage in front of your chosen audience.


Direct your message to people on the move with tremendous impact. Research shows that a high percentage of people welcome and recall bus advertising that they have seen, making it the number one choice for brand builders.

Creative Opprtunity

A variety of high-end creative large format opportunities are available from wrapping the sides or rears to more subtle yet unmissable creations. With our fresh and innovative approach to campaigns that captivate, simply call us today to begin the story of your stand out campaign.

High Street Presence

Our buses offer excellent opportunities for high street campaigns, and targets both drivers and pedestrians. Deliver powerful and unique messages to customers who are ‘ready to buy’ today.

Bus Advertising in Leicester

Advertising on buses has evolved tremendously over recent years with the introduction of fully wrapped buses. Utilising the latest high quality wraps and full window coverage, we can offer photographic quality images and colours that remain vibrant to make your bus advertising really pop’!

Further enhanced by the high-tech contra-vision window covering, our fully wrapped bus advertising gives your campaign the WOW factor by delivering a far greater impact and, therefore, a higher return on your investment.

Buses are seen everywhere! With our expertise your company could be too!

That is the power of bus advertising.  It’s a high frequency medium, it’s captivating, has immediate impact and guess what – it’s also affordable!  Your return on investment is key so we deliver on all levels by having campaigns designed to suit every budget.